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Featured Official Tournament Store (OTS)

Goliath Toys and Retro Games

1128 W. Monte Cristo Rd.
Edinburg, TX 78541

We're right in the middle of Fall, and while things have started to cool off in most places across the country, we're warming up in Edinburg, Texas for our November 2018 Featured Official Tournament Store, Goliath Toys and Retro Games

"We opened our store 4 and a half years ago," says Owner, Armando Adame, "and we started with Yu-Gi-Oh! 3 years ago."  Since then, they've built a solid community with local tournaments twice a week averaging 15-20 Duelists per tournament. Among them are Team Goliath, the store's competitive Duelists, which travel to Tier 2 events in places like San Antonio and Houston.  At Goliath Toys and Retro Games, the group of veteran Duelists are Dueling alongside novice Duelists.  When asked how the two groups interact, Armando says "if novice players play the competitive players, they get better.  Some people react well to the challenge." When the new learns from the experienced, it is a win-win situation; the experienced Duelist hones their skills, and the new learns how to better their game!

Goliath Toys and Retro Games runs various new player initiatives. In addition to attending local Expos to attract new players, they also have nearby schools that invite them to run gaming events. At local schools and libraries, "we bring our common and bulk binders and help kids put together a Deck.  They put random cards together and we help them construct Decks so they flow together."  Additionally, for students, Goliath Toys and Retro Games also has an Honor Roll program where if Duelists do well on their report cards, the store awards them store credit. Not only is it a fantastic incentive for Duelists to keep up with their studies, but it keeps them coming back to the store! 

"Being an OTS got players into the store and gave us consistent tournament attendance."

- Armando Adame, owner

Becoming an Official Tournament Store has been a big positive for Goliath.  "We get more traffic from having our store info on the store locator, especially with players from out of town" says Armando.  One of the perks of being an Official Tournament Store is access to OTS Tournament Packs for Duelists.  "The OTS Tournament Packs get players more motivated." Additionally, Duelists have an expectation that with an OTS, events will be run in a professional manner.  "When the tournaments are run professionally, it's good for player morale," says Armando. Before becoming an OTS, there was no community of Yu-Gi-Oh! players in Edinburgh, so starting up local tournaments was tough.  "Being an OTS got players into the store and gave us consistent tournament attendance," explained Armando.

As advice to other OTS, Armando says "be consistent and follow the rules.  Have the owner know about Yu-Gi-Oh! brand. You have to know what you're doing.  If you don't, get someone to teach you."  While Goliath Toys and Retro Games is primarily a Yu-Gi-Oh! TCG store, and Armando lives and breathes Yu-Gi-Oh!, he does feel that the best way to earn your players' respect is by truly understanding the game your Duelists are playing.

We are pleased to congratulate our Featured Official Tournament Store for November 2018, Goliath Toys and Retro Games

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