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2017 WCQ: German National Championship

03 / 06 / 2017
04 / 06 / 2017

The road to the World Championship continues with the WCQ: National Championships for 2017! All across Europe, Duelists will compete against one another for the title of “National Champion” in their respective countries, in some of the biggest events of the year.



2017 WCQ: National Championships – Frequently Asked Questions
2017 WCQ: German National Championship – Prize Listing
2017 WCQ: German National Dragon Duel Championship – Prize Listing
2017 WCQ: German National Championship – Schedule


Date & Location


03 / 06 / 2017

04 / 06 / 2017

Bochum, Germany

RuhrCongress Bochum

Stadionring 20





Further information:

  • WCQ: National Championships are open to everybody; you do not need to qualify for these by taking part in WCQ: Regionals
  • Duelists can compete in any WCQ: National Championship this year (even ones taking place in different countries); however, a Duelist can only compete in one National Championship per year.
  • If a Duelist competes in a Dragon Duel National Championship they cannot compete in an “all ages” National Championship, or a Dragon Duel National Championship held in a different country.


Judge Ruling Comprehension Test Level 2

As in the previous year, it will be possible for all that are interested to take the Ruling Comprehension Test Level 2 on site. If you are interested, please sign up from Round 3 of the Main Event at the Main Stage.


Parents Lounge

As with previous years, there will be an area for parents this year.


Team Battle

The popular Team Battle tournament will take place again this year!

This year, the rules state that there have to be three players for a team and a best-of-one Match with a 20 minute round will be played.

If two players of one team won their Match, it counts as a team win. Swiss rounds are played according to the number of participating teams and if there are more than 9 teams, there will be a top cut.

Example: Team A plays against team B. Player A1 plays against B1, player A2 plays against player B2 and player A3 plays against player A3. Player A1 and player A3 won their match, so Team A is the winner of the round against Team B.



We are pleased to offer a Youtube-Area for the first time this year. In this area, players and spectators can record videos for their Youtube channel. If you are planning to do so, it is necessary to read the guidelines for the use of the Youtube-Area on site and to sign an agreement.



Entry Fees:

EventEntry FeeNotes
2017 WCQ: National Championship€12Participation Prize: 3 Boosters
2017 WCQ: National Dragon Duel Championship€4Participation Prize: 1 Booster


Event Schedule (Main Event):

DayStart TimeEnd Time
2017 WCQ: National ChampionshipSaturday10.30
2017 WCQ: National ChampionshipSunday08.00


Event Schedule (Dragon Duel):

DayStart TimeEnd Time
2017 WCQ: National Dragon Duel ChampionshipSaturday11.00


Event Coverage:


Organiser Contact Information:

Tournament OrganiserJOKMOK
Phone+49421 57202-17




Schedules are subject to change and may be updated before the event begins.


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