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Gamer's Gambit

67 Newtown Rd
Danbury, CT 06810


Summer has finally begun, and if you’re looking to escape the June gloom, a local Official Tournament Store (OTS) is the perfect place to be. For residents of Danbury, Connecticut, that place is our Featured OTS for the month of July, Gamer’s Gambit!

Gamer’s Gambit first went into business in November of 2013. Owner, Stephen Carpenter, modeled it after a local tournament store that he attended to get his game on. Being a gamer at heart, Stephen was inspired to start his own brick and mortar store focusing on cultivating a close-knit community. After his business almost folded, leading to a huge overhaul in 2015, Gamer’s Gambit turned the corner and began paving the way for its success. A strong community is integral to the success of an OTS, and Gamer’s Gambit is especially well known for how welcoming their gaming community is. “There shouldn't be a gimmick to get players to stay at your store, they should want to stay there because you are the best option and have a fantastic community,” stated Stephen.

When asked what the key was to growing such a thriving community, Stephen mentioned what keeps his customers coming back is the clean and professional environment that Gamer’s Gambit offers. Giving his customers a worry-free atmosphere allows them to grow socially, ensuring that the community basically helps itself prosper. He also acknowledges that a big reason why the community at Gamer’s Gambit is so successful is because his veteran players are “absolutely fantastic.” They are committed to helping out the newer players!


“There shouldn't be a gimmick to get players to stay at your store, they should want to stay there because you are the best option and have a fantastic community,”

-Stephen Carpenter (Owner)


This interaction between new and old is a big reason why the player base at Gamer’s Gambit is constantly growing. Everyone finds a new face to be fun and exciting, and when a new customer is greeted with a room of smiling faces, it’s hard not to smile back. Veterans regularly donate cards to newer players, guaranteeing that they’ll enjoy their initial experience and make some friends along the way.

Families are also a big part of Gamer’s Gambit, as younger players typically try to get their parents, older siblings, and even grandparents involved in the games they love. Parents regularly participate in tournaments at Gamer’s Gambit as well, showcasing just how welcoming and friendly their environment is. With players of all ages attending, Gamer’s Gambit has a very “feel good” atmosphere where it is difficult not to have a good time.

If that wasn’t enough, Gamer’s Gambit is very well-known in Danbury for their charitable donations. They regularly donate games to local schools, hospitals, and libraries in an effort to give back to the neighborhood. Because of their donations, they attract many new players because they have heard of the store before, bringing everything full circle to continue

For these reasons, we are happy to congratulate Gamer’s Gambit for being selected as July’s Featured OTS!

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