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Featured Official Tournament Store (OTS)

Wild Things Games

241 Commercial St NE
Salem, OR 97301

(503) 364-4263

February has come and gone and in its wake, the Spring season returns bringing another Featured Official Tournament Store (OTS) to the forefront. Please allow us to introduce the March Featured OTS, Wild Things Games!

Wild Things Games got its start 25 years ago. It evolved from a frustrated TCG player, Randy Muir, who “used to play trading card games a lot and at one point, he just got sick of being ripped off by other card stores.” As a result, Randy decided to start a card shop that would even the odds out and let the players have a fair shake on getting the cards they needed.

Randy has built his business around that simple premise - that a kid that comes to his store can rest assured that they will not be taken advantage of. Randy has made certain that the Wild Things store staff is the cream of the crop and they are dedicated to their customers having a positive experience at their store. His staff is treated like family, and in turn the staff treats the players like family too. They are quick to provide their expertise in Deck-building to being vigilant about making sure that all trades are fair. Since all players are expected to abide by the store code of conduct, it lends itself to building a strong tight-knit Yu-Gi-Oh! community at the store.


"We Love Games and We Love Our Game Community! That simple."

– Randy Muir (Owner)


Since 1993, Wild Things Games has grown in size and location. Over the course of its business, they’ve moved to three different locations, outgrowing each one. Now on their 4th location, Randy has finally found a place to call home. “I wanted to show to the community that we were dedicated to the player base and keeping the environment family-friendly…”states Randy. Now that they are situated in the heart of a busy downtown district, Wild Things Games has quadrupled its store space, and they have also dramatically increased their foot traffic. Wild Things Games has also revamped their social media strategy allowing them to not only connect with their existing customer base, but reach a whole new audience as well.

“We Love Games and We Love Our Game Community! That simple,” says Owner Randy Muir. And we at Konami couldn’t agree more with that statement. We’re proud to present this month’s Featured OTS award to Wild Things Games.

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