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Featured Official Tournament Store (OTS)

Hobbies & More

15819 Main St.
La Puente, CA


Spring's finally upon us, bringing forth April showers, new booster sets, and a new OTS to be honored. Hobbies & More owes its entire success to its patrons.  Their customers call the OTS home; to us, we call them April's Featured OTS.

Nestled in the historic Old Town of La Puente, California, Hobbies & More has been a staple for the community as THE go-to store for all things related to Yu-Gi-Oh! Having started the business in 2010, David Villalobos, owner of Hobbies & More has made a name for himself as the guy that knows everyone. "I've made it a point to get to know my customers; this keeps them coming back regardless of the competition," states David, "they feel like a family."

Hobbies & More has grown significantly over the seven years since it has opened. What was once a small collectible card shop has now become an OTS that comfortably houses over two hundred players. "Before the move, our business reached its plateau quickly. Especially with competitor shops around the corner, we shared our customer base. Since the move and becoming an OTS, we've regained our old customers and built a strong Yu-Gi-Oh! community," states David.


"We Love Games and We Love Our Game Community! That simple."

– David Villalobos (Owner)


When asked what it is that keeps them coming back, David replied, "Our smile! Ha! Our focus has always been the customers. Even when the kids come, we focus on them and engage the parents with the game." Because of this type of customer service, Hobbies & More has a high turnout rate for parents participating in tournament level events. "We never shy away from teaching anyone the game. In fact, we welcome it. We want to make sure the parents and kids understand that the game differs from what is seen on TV. We teach them the strategy side of the game and they love it," David stated happily.

Like most Featured OTS, the strong bond between the OTS and its customer base is what makes them stand the test of time. Hobbies & More is no exception to this rule. In fact, being the first to show that even parents can learn to be the King of Games is a true testament to the phrase Featured OTS. We commend you, David, and your crew at Hobbies & More . We congratulate you on being selected as April's Featured OTS.

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