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Featured Official Tournament Store (OTS)

DZ Comics & Gaming

625 N. Moore Avenue
Moore, OK 73160




With the beginning of summer on the horizon, we have much to look forward to: warm weather sunshine, cookouts, and our June 2018 Featured Official Tournament Store (OTS), DZ Comics & Gaming. At the tender age of five, Chris Diaz was immersed in the world of comic books and collectibles. His parents owned a comic book shop and successfully passed on their love of the genre to a young Chris. When it came time for college and making career path decisions, his choice was simple, he wanted a comic book store to call his own, thus DZ Comics & Gaming was born.

For five years now, Chris has been putting his business education to effective use; the store he has created is second to none. "With our large table top areas, we provide space with comfort. We have added an in-store café with a fantastic menu; our customers are being waited on hand and foot. Our in-store café is a huge feature. It's not just some fast-microwavable menu. We have spent thousands on perfecting awesome food service, cooked to order with restaurant quality service and cooks who love to present an awesome lunch/dinner to our patrons," explained Chris. With such a huge feature, how can it get better, you ask?

Well, DZ Comics & Gaming also has "lots of comics and gaming. Parents, loved ones, who want to hang out with their kids/spouse/boyfriend/girlfriend, etc... can opt to play on any of our 10 gaming PCs or 16 console areas to keep entertained as they wait for tournaments to play out. Building a store that centers around families makes our store the perfect location to play Yu-Gi-Oh!," said Chris. They also "offer birthday parties in their Retro Room which features an awesome display of Arcades and console gaming. A huge area for families to invite friends and relatives. Parents who never thought of coming into our store, are shocked to find all the activities that they host daily. Kids get excited, and want to be there more. Once in the store, they are introduced to Yu-Gi-Oh! products. Then the adventure begins," he explained. But none of these features would be possible without a talented, customer-focused, team.

"Everyone is going to have bad days, but being friends with your community instills a sense of loyalty."

- Chris Diaz, owner

DZ Comics & Gaming put a lot of their effort into building personal relationships with their players. And with all the remodeling and improvements that were made over the last year, Chris wanted the improvements to be reflected throughout the store, so he "increased their staffing to better serve their customers and to offer the cleanest and safest store for families and friends," said Chris. Hence, he put together a stellar team with knowledgeable staff that are always available to teach and play with the players. In addition to offering OTS Tournament Packs, they also "give cards to their new players to help them build excitement in playing the game," Chris explained. By building bonds with the community, not only does it enhance the sense of family, but it helps to "gauge what they want in terms of product," explained Chris, so that, ultimately, they make better business decisions.

"Everyone is going to have bad days, but being friends with your community instills a sense of loyalty," expressed Chris. By providing a great space and a dedicated support system, DZ Comics & Gaming has built a tight-knit Yu-Gi-Oh! community that looks after one another. We are pleased to have them join the ranks among our other Featured OTS, as our June 2018 Featured OTS.

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