Featured Official Tournament Store (OTS)

Dolly's Toys & Games

115 Montezuma Trail
Toronto, ON M1V 1K4


A new month brings us a new Official Tournament Store (OTS) to honor! Dolly's Toys & Games (formerly known as Dolly's Crafts and Sports Cards, or Dolly's for short) is a staple in the Toronto gaming community and is like a second home to many of its players.

Dolly's Toys & Games first opened its doors thirty-five years ago when Peter Gonsalves and his wife Dolly started the business together. Dolly always had a passion for crafts, and channeled her enthusiasm for crafts into a lifelong store. When asked the secret to their 35-year success, Peter responded: “working around the clock!”

As its name suggests, Dolly's Toys & Games started off as a business focused on selling arts & crafts in the local mall. But over the decades, Dolly’s shifted its sales focus into other areas, adapting to changing times. When the baseball player, Ken Griffey, was all the rage, “his son had a vision to do cards,” explained Peter. They moved out of the mall, and in the 1990’s, as the sports cards market thrived, Dolly’s shifted focus from arts & crafts to sports cards. In the present day, as many kids depend on Dueling and Deck-building instead of crafts as their creative outlet, the Yu-Gi-Oh! TRADING CARD GAME is a tremendous part of Dolly's Toys & Games.


“We host Duel Day events that encourage new Duelists to come out for tutorials. We also reach out to community centers and teachers in our surrounding schools to let them know we have various programs that enable kids of all ages to learn the game. New Duelists are encouraged to come on Fridays to partake in Deck-building sessions and have access to a box of free cards we provide that will help improve their Decks.”

-William Chong (Store Manager)


Even though the products they chose to carry have changed over the past thirty-five years, some things about Dolly’s remain the same. Since the day it opened, the owners and employees of Dolly’s had always prided themselves on their passion and exceptional customer service.

“I first came to Dolly’s when I was 8 or 9 years old, and I remember my first experience with Peter and Dolly,” says William Chong, manager of Dolly’s. “They were very helpful. Even though I’ve seen a lot of stores, I always came back to Dolly’s for its customer service and interactions with the community. It has always had a very friendly environment.”

The exceptional customer service and friendly atmosphere at Dolly’s entice customers to keep coming back. “I see players graduate from Dragon Duels, keep playing, go off to college, and then come back during their breaks. We have great retention of players, and an always-growing community,” says William.

As was the case with many of our Featured Official Tournament Stores before it, there’s a strong bond between the customers and employees at Dolly’s. We’re proud to present May’s Featured OTS award to Dolly's Toys & Games!

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